MD80 camera instructions

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Click here if you are looking for a Windows MD80 driver.

I have written some instructions for my Chinese MD80 camera copy. I’ve put them up here as numerous people find that they either don’t get the MD80 camera instructions or get them in Chinese. Even the English language ones aren’t particularly good, hence I decided to re-write them. Buy MD80 camera if you haven’t got one already!

I admit that these are pretty basic, but there isn’t really much to know once you get the hang of things.

The MD80 camera has a built-in Lithium Polymer battery that is supposed to last about two hours. This is charged using the Mini-USB port on the bottom of the camera, either from your computer’s USB port, or using the mains adaptor usually supplied. It is recommended to charge it fully before first use. I have yet to discover how it lets you know it is fully charged. Though the battery is soldered on, various people have added larger capacity batteries. Check out the MD80 Camera Useful Links page for more information. I have also heard reports that if you hold down the Record button while plugging in a USB cable, it will run from the USB power without going into Mass Storage mode or Webcam mode.

The MD80 camera will not operate without a microSD or microSDHC card in place. More information on suitable cards can be found my MD80 memory cards page and if you need one in the UK, I’d recommend you buy it from MyMemory.

There are three buttons and two LEDs (lights). The three buttons are pretty straightforward, as they are helpfully labelled with ‘Power’ and ‘Mode’ on the side buttons, and some symbols by the top button. The symbols appear to be the standard Stop (a square) and Record (a circle) symbols. On my camera, the LEDs are red and blue.

Both lights are on when charging.

Steady blue light appears to be ON. Will go back to standby (turned off) if not activated within 45 seconds.

Pressing the mode button alternates between Normal and Sound-activated recording modes. You can tell that Sound-activated mode has been chosen as the red LED flashes about twice a second. It is not recording in either mode at this point.

To record: press the button on top in Normal mode, or a noise over a certain level (claimed to be 60 dB) will start it in Sound-activated mode. In either mode, recording is indicated by the red LED flashing about once a second. It appears that the button can also be used in Sound-activated mode, but this often causes confusion as recording will stop after two minutes without further noise activation.

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  1. mark says:

    good info mate
    but can it take an 8gb 16gb card maximum
    e-mail me.
    thanks mark

  2. baz says:

    Thanks for writing this, i’ve been trying to get mine work for days! sorted now, cheers!

  3. Nice info! I put a link to here on my blog where I compared a few of these micro DV cams – hope you don’t mind:
    I use mine mounted inside a helmet or on a motorbike. After a year it’s still going strong!

  4. Electraglide says:

    Great someone is trying to sort out the Chinese/English instructions for these little cameras. I admit I’m surprised at the quality of the picture from such a tiny device. I’ve managed to sort out most of it, but do you know how to sort out the anoying date which insists it is 2008. I have put the TAG.TXT file in the root directory of the SD card (using the SD adaptor and loading it directly from my PC) but despite having put the new date in the field and deleted (I think) the 2008 date file it still insists its 2008 but the time counter works. I’d be happy to delete the date altogether, any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      I must admit I haven’t experienced this issue. Are you formatting the TAG.TXT correctly? It’s the only thing I can think of I’m afraid.

      If anyone has anything they think could help, please respond!

      • Frank says:

        Yup – I had the exact same problem with one of mine.
        I bought three of these – as they are cheap.
        seems 2 of them are recent – the standard date set was 2012.
        One was different – factory date was 2008. After a lot of tinkering i found this : boot it up, power it down. connect to the computer. take the tag.txt file and replace the date/time with the current one. power it up and it is good to go. Hope it works for you to.

        on mine the tag.txt was this:
        2012-05-01 23:59:59

        the format is YYYY-DD-MM HH:MM:SS (space)

        A wild guess – this ‘2008’ model is older and does not know the [date] thingie

    • ajcreations says:

      I’ve just buy this tiny camera and I have the same issue about the date and time reset. So I did this : place the date and time in the TAG.txt file at this format: 2013.04.12 01:00:00. (at the same line)
      No need to write [date] at the top.
      That works for me.
      Hope I help you.

  5. Mike Thomson says:

    See Micro Mart magazine published today Thurs 3 Feb 2011 (covers the week 3-9 Feb) for a full article on MD80 clones including how to set the time/date stamp. Hope it helps?

    • admin says:

      I’ll have to see if I can find a copy. Is there anything in there that would be worthwhile putting on this website that I haven’t covered already?

  6. Josh wilkes says:

    I think I’ve found out when the battery is fully charged.
    When charging there is a red light that stays on continuously and a blue light that flashes every second.
    When it is fully charged the blue light stops flashing and just stays on like the red light.
    The red and blue light both stay on without flashing.

  7. Pierre Belo says:

    I have a camera MD80, was trying to get the date but in the process caught everything and now is no longer recording video. What should I do? Looking forward …

  8. banditrider says:

    Thanks for this! Looks like I got the same camera as yourself, where the manual mentions red, green and yellow lights, yet the lights are blue and red. I was having difficulty making sense of the chinglish, especially having eyes old enough to need a magnifying glass. I only got it today, off ebay, and the video in the house is crap. I am hoping I get better video outside where focus will be less of a problem. Need some warmer weather to take it out on the Suzi tho’. 🙂

  9. JohnO says:

    Anyone know where I can download a driver for md80, mine won’r run

  10. Dave says:

    Just to clarify card size…

    I use an 8GB card in mine and it works fine with that!!

  11. Jase says:


    I’ve managed to change the date & time, thanks for all the advice on this and other things. My problem is I cant play back the movies I make on my PC. They open ok and the sounds perfect, I just get a black screen. If I upload the movie to YouTube it seems to work fine, so i can only assume its my software. I’m using Windows 7 64bit and using windows media player to play the movies back.

    Any advice regarding this would be appriciated

    • admin says:

      I’ve not been a Windows user at home for some years now, but I’d either recommend downloading a codec pack from somewhere safe/reliable, or downloading the most excellent VLC Media Player which will play everything you throw at it. There is always the possibility that it needs the Quicktime codec but I would never install that bloated Apple filth on anything I intended to actually use.

    • lyman says:

      I use VLC player on my Win7 PC and it plays the clips just fine.

  12. Adrian says:

    Hi. Excellent simplified instructions, many thanks. I had the 2008 date problem and googled “MD 80 date” and in response got several scripts. The TAG.TXT file needs to be in the first (root) camera directory. On mine, putting a “return” between lines in the text didnt work but using the space-bar did it. Also, 8 gigs is the max SD card it will use (because the battery’s 2-hours if-you’re-lucky is finished by then) so theres no point paying for a larger one. Hope this helps.

  13. Jack R says:


    I have the chinese version of this camera(md80) and trying to set it up as a webcam. I can get video with no problem but the audio is not working. I am using Windows 7 as a OS. I have also loaded the driver for the camera.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    • PAscal says:

      Hi Jack,
      I have exactly the same problem as you (video ok ,but no sound in a webcam use) . My OS is Windows XP.
      Did you find out a solution ?

  14. ray says:

    are there any other cameras out with the same price range and tiny as the md80.? that come with instructions that are in english, not complicated, and take quality pictures?

  15. harold says:

    who has good instructions in English of the 916 Button Camera with vibrating
    button feature, please post or send to me if you can, thanks from Memphis

  16. Rod says:

    I set up the time/date TAG file as follows:


    Copy that onto the memory card, not in a folder, it worked fine for mine.

  17. kev says:

    my md80 will freeze up when charging, i will unplug it from usb and the blue light will remain on and pressing any buttons will do nothing at all, and there is nothing i can fit in the reset hole, a sharp pin would damage it i think as i tried doing that but it would not reset the device, so do not want to break it, any suggestions?

    • fel says:

      in the reset hole, u must use a pin nothing else will fit. However, before using the pin, rub the sharp end on something that will dull the end – once you insert the pin, there’s a tiny button inside the hold – u actually feel the “click” once you press it. If you don’t feel the slight “click” then it’s not reset. Hope that helps.

  18. Hi hope you do not mind me advertising this, but this is a guide on how to remove the time stamp for anyone interested, hope this is cool with you admin

  19. Deeves says:

    Thanks Couldn’t get my MD80 to work only playing back audio. Instructions great and downloaded VLC player and bingo! Hope the video quality is better outside – just off to try and get rid of the date stamp. Thanks again

    • admin says:

      Glad you found the site helpful! They do seem to work better in brighter light as I think it lowers the frame rate to compensate in lower light

  20. Joao says:


    60 dB to starting recording i think is to much noise.
    Is « there » a firmware or a tag that change this to a lower value like 15 or 20 dB or other value?

    Thanks in advance

  21. garz says:

    did i hear right that these can be set to record in a constant loop just overwriting the same file when its full so you always have the last hour of footage?

  22. John says:

    Thanks for the info, very useful. Have an MD80 and a Keychain 808 cam version 7 ( the latter of these has been mounted on an RC aircraft with some great results using a Lexar 8GB High Speed micro SDHC card) Video is not perfect but quite acceptable for what it is. Have just started to test the MD80 which also has a Lexar 8GB card so it will be interesting to compare the two, (also will be mounted on RC plane) An interesting amount of work on small 808 cameras has been done on this site, – some of which may be applicable to the MD80 cam if you are interested.

  23. Ryan says:

    I bought one of these last year, worked great until today. When I plug it into my PC all that happens is the blue light turns on (solid) and then a few seconds later the red light turns on (solid). None of the buttons do anything, I can’t turn it on/off or start recording.

    If I unplug it and leave it on for a couple hours it eventually shuts off (possibly out of battery?), it won’t turn back on and if I plug it back in it does the same thing over again.

    Any thoughts?

    • Julian says:

      Hi, I’ve got two of these and they both stopped working just after a year. They are doing the same as yours Ryan, even resetting with paper clip hasn’t sorted it. I will try and find a cure will let you know. In the meantime, I decided that memories are worth more than £10 and invested in a laser-cam with 720p recording.
      Curiosity and being a cheapskate means I will find the answer to this problem.
      watch this space.

      • admin says:

        I’m under the impression that they die due to the battery failing. I think it was something to do with leaving them uncharged for a long time but can’t be sure.

        • Julian says:

          Hi, knowing about lithium polymer/ion batteries from R/C planes, I can attest that letting one of these batteries (in this case a cell) go to too low a voltage could and probably would kill it. All I can tell you is that the two of these cameras I had suffered from the lens adrift problem, and twice they stayed on until the cell drained down, I subsequently dismantled them re-fixed the lens and re-charged them and hey presto they work again! One will now not record sound, but I think that happened before the lens problem. Looking for an answer to that one at the moment.

  24. Julian says:

    There seems to be a consensus that the lens has come adrift, I saw this guy’s fix and am going to try it, another guy on You Tube mentions gluing the lens back in my re-melting the glue around it.

  25. Jon says:

    I think I’ve ended up with the Chinese clone of the MD80.

    Only just getting to play with it but I’ve ended up cracking the CD that came with it.
    This contained VLC – no problem here
    Storm3-10.04.08 – Haven’t got a clue what this is.
    STK02N 2.3.exe – The driver for the cam.
    Not sure if there was anything else on the disk and can’t read it now 🙁

    Can anyone tell me what Storm3 is and more importantly send me or tell me where I can find a copy of the driver?

    What little I can find says it was written by Syntek Ltd but can’t find them on the web!

    Thanks Jon

  26. steve logan says:

    My problems were sound no video, video with sound for about 4 min on another sd card,3 sd card nothing, I was using4 & 8 gb sd card class 4, didnt realise that there were different class of cards until I read this post re cards. Bought 2 x 4gb class 10, hey presto no more probs. Most of my video sound problems were with rubbish sd cards, however for normal use in cameras games ect the other class 4 work fine.

    Thanks for educating me re sd class, otherwise I would proberbly just bought more junk/counterfeit cheap cards.

  27. Steve Young says:

    Great info for these great little camera’s.
    I have now done some multiple tests with these camera’s and can say that I use them with 16g class 6 memory cards and have also used a 32g class 4 and they all work fine.
    On average you seem to get around 90 minutes of recording time, and only uses up about 2-3g of card space, so a decent 4g class 4 or class 6 card would be ideal.
    It also depends on what you are recording….if you leave it in a corner of the room, staring at a wall, it will record 90mins and use 2g. If you attach it to your bike and go for a ride it will also last about 90mins, but use up about 4g.
    The blue light stops flashing when it is fully charged.

  28. Ripa says:

    Good info! But i have a bad problem. Maybe i overcharged my DV camera or something, but this is what happened: I was charging it, took it off and shutted it down. When i turned it back on, both, blue and red light were ON and i could not do anything (turn it off, which mode or record). When i put it plug it onto my computer it cant reat the card inside the DV cam. I’ve tried reseting the device with no resutls. Hope you understood what i meant and know whats the problem 🙂

  29. Frank says:

    Thanks for the useful info
    I have three of these – some brief experiences …
    one seems to predate the others – needs a different procedure for setting the date/time – explained in another comment
    Battery life ranges wildly – your mileage may vary too
    I have used 4 and 8 GB cards without problems
    tip: get a fisheye lens for an iphone, glue it on, it makes the viewing angle a lot better, trading in some distortion in the image though. contact me for further info on this. Pity the waterproof case isn’t big enough for this.

    • zenan says:

      hi.. thanks for your time
      what is the time procedure that you are talking about
      please help me
      this was your comment:
      Thanks for the useful info
      I have three of these – some brief experiences …
      one seems to predate the others – needs a different procedure for setting the date/time – explained in another comment
      Battery life ranges wildly – your mileage may vary too
      I have used 4 and 8 GB cards without problems
      tip: get a fisheye lens for an iphone, glue it on, it makes the viewing angle a lot better, trading in some distortion in the image though. contact me for further info on this. Pity the waterproof case isn’t big enough for this.

      • Dal says:

        hi, zenan i have the (muvi) MD80..and reading the post,s by various people about the (time issue) which i have cant get rid of the 2008 etc..i have formatted the 8gig card, and tried various ways as demonstrated on here..but still cant change it..any ideas would be great, as you have stated, you have 3 of these products, and all contradict each other, i believe thats what you were saying , if you can help would be great, thanks..

      • Dal says:

        still not workin for me..any ideas..thanks.

  30. admin says:

    If you wanted to write a little something about that so I can put it on the blog section, feel free to get in touch using the contact form. I’ll credit you of course…

  31. Erik Rohrs says:

    Hi. I have one of these (the chinese version). While I had it plugged into my computer I noticed the blue lights was flashing. The red light was not on. Can someone please tell me what that means? Thanks

  32. Riaz says:

    I just bought this camera. When charging, blue light is solid and red is flashing. No light and no signs of power, when I press the ‘Power’ button. Is it faulty and should I return it?

  33. Steve K says:

    I got mine 2 days ago and have a completely different problem than any that I’ve found here or anywhere else. With mine all of the lights function as described, and it seems to record but once I try to upload and play the video files they won’t play at all. I checked the files with Gspot and it says that the file may be corrupt, giving a “bad chunk” error and also saying “invalid file length.” I’ve tried installing other codec packs as I already have VLC, And tried resetting the device and reseating the SD card….same thing, no matter how long I record for it won’t play. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    • Eddie says:

      I think I have the same issue. VLC won’t play them at all, Windows media kind of plays them with a loud noise. I happen to have a something called Zoom Player Pro the AVIs from the camera play fine it in. My VLC player works fine with other AVIs

    • Hi I have several of these and I’ve been read the info and some of the comments from this page and it seems to be a very simple fix. I’m a technician and I have found a lot of things from china are just set up a different way than a us product is. meaning the time stamp and the format of the video. this device records in a .avi file format so yes vlc is the better choice for a player. One thing you can do is download linux and format the device as a ntfs format and just plug it back in and it should work. it’s setup as a fat32 format partition in linux. The time stamp issue all you has to do is open the device in your my computer folder and double click on on the file that says tag.txt and change the time and date as it appears there to what your time and date are know and click on save as and save it. it will ask you if you would like to over wright the file and yes you do so click on replace existing file. and do the same step for the file that says time.txt. If you want to completely remove it from the system then just hylight them blue and right click and click on delete and walla there gone for good. when you unplug the device remember to unplug them by ejecting the device from your my computer folder by right clicking on the device in your my computer. It will ask you if you want to empty the recycle bin so yes click on yes and that should get rid of the time stamp folder for good. If there is anything I can help on I would like to help as many I can. Down load any linux version you want and burn it to a dvd and just insert it into the dvd rome and run it as a live dvd and do the task that I mentioned here.

  34. Robert says:

    I gotta admit, your “Chinglish” instructions are more coherent than the “Chinglish” instructions that came with my MD80. Interesting that they should name this product after a McDonnell-Douglas plane, hmmmm…

  35. Joe says:

    I have one of these and have 3 issues with it.

    1) video skips and color tone of recording fades from darker to lighter.

    2) cannot change date no matter which way I try

    3) will not connect as pc cam/web cam no matter what I try

    Audio is good though…

    I am using a Patriot 8gb class 10 card in it so its a good card, battery holds charge well, I have only used it a couple times, I have spent more time trying to fix the issues than actually recording video with it.

    I think I got a p.o.s.

  36. bob says:

    i have a mini cam but i cannot get the driver cd to download. it just keeps saying error.
    i know the disc is ok. i am running windows 7

  37. Mr It says:

    Anyone have a link where I can download the drivers? Or links that would allow me to disable the counter, w/ having to open it up and reconfigure the chip? Aside from that.

    The camera will handle a max of 16gb memory card.

  38. Rick says:

    how do i reset time and date?
    how do i delete what i have recorded so i can record more?

  39. Jul says:

    Fiz e resolveu:
    1- Apos carga completa na Camera, ligue e desligue;
    2- Conecte a camera via usb no PC;
    3- Verifique se existe algum Arquivo com Nome “TAG.TXT” ou “TIME.TXT”;
    4- Ejete a Camera do PC e conecte via Leitor de Cartões;
    5- Conecte o Leitor de Cartões e abra o arquivo TAG.TXT;
    6- Edite-o para “2012-30-1115:46:59”;
    8- Abra o TIME.TXT e edite-o:
    9- Altere os Dois arquivos para “Somente Leitura”. Desconecte e teste!

  40. Zan says:

    Great site, thanks for the info.

    But i have a question, maybe some of you tried this already. It’s about the sound activated mode, well it works, but after 1 recording which activates fine with some talk or noise, it turns off after 2 minutes of no action. I’d want it to go back to ready steady mode 🙂

  41. markp says:

    great site, helped me.

  42. markp says:

    helped me.

  43. Marc G. says:

    You can remove the screws at the 4 corners of the camera and separate the halves to remove the MicroSD card from the body of the camera.

  44. emil says:

    My old MD80 broke /went out of focus for no reasons/ and a planning to buy a new one. I’ve found on ebay some 720p versions like this one here Are these the new versions of the MD80? How is the quality? I could not find any reviews of it on the web. And what about this:
    thanks in advance

  45. joe mammone says:

    I cant seem to change the date stamp on my aee md80 cam. Ive tried evry combination possible. what other ways is there

  46. warren says:

    Good work mate. Do you know how many minutes of recording can fit on an 8gb class 10 card? Cheers and thank you for all the info, Warren.

  47. jpk says:

    I have the cheap plastic version of the md80 and I have a mac. The camera didnt come with a cd and no device pops up on my desktop. What can I do? Help!

  48. Chupo_cro says:

    Are there two versions of this camera – 720×480@30fps and 640×480@25fps?

    Here is another 640×480 specification and in the comments of this video, someone says: ‘Can you compare this MD80 720×480, to MD80 640×480?’.

    • Chupo_cro says:

      Sorry, the correct links are:

      Here is another 640×480 specification and in the comments of this video, someone says: ‘Can you compare this MD80 720×480, to MD80 640×480?’.

  49. Minty says:

    Hi there,

    I am having a massive problem with trying to change the date on mine. I have formatted it with the 4gb memory card when plugged in to my computer. when I open it up there are no time.txt files or time.tags. how do you create these? mine keeps showing a date of 2007 onwards.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    best minty.

  50. Tim from the U.S. says:

    Been reading this and have to add this tidbit.
    This camera is a spin off of the VENOM SNAKE EYE micro sports cam model # VEN-0690. It’ no longer being made under that name, but almost everything is the same between the two.
    Some of the difference I see is that the MD-80 has a bit higher Res. than the Venom model, no surprise the Venom was made in 09′. Also another change was the addition of a date and time stamp. I have the Venom model setting here beside me, borrowed it from a friend.
    Venom made a manual for this camera, I think you can still find it on the internet.
    Here are the indicator light meanings.

    Indicator State Motion
    blue (power instruction) | Always bright | Power ON
    | Crush out | Standby
    | Flash slowly | Low Battery
    | Flash quickly | Copy data
    Green (record instruction) | Always bright | Full card
    | Flash quickly | No card
    | Flash slowly | Recording
    Red | Always bright | Charge up
    (Charge instruction) | Crush out | Charged

    I plan to use an external USB battery with this one so it will go well over the 2 hours stated. Thanks for the memory card info as well, I wondered myself if it would support a larger card.


  51. ryan says:

    i just received mine in the mail today. for some reason when i plug it into my computer nothing happens. on one attempt i was told the driver failed to install can anyone please help me?

  52. Ritch says:

    Is there any way to lower the size of the videos?, just a few second clip is almost 6mb.

  53. martin says:

    my mini dv is giving me a problem it charges fine, turns on fine when u press the record button lights blink like it recording when i connect it to my computer the videos are save but when u paly video the screen stay black has no sound no video nothing

    can somebody please help me figure out how to fix thank you

  54. Mark wealks says:

    Ive just got one of these, it wouldnt charge when i plugged it in so i held the power button in and now its working but i still dont have a memory card for it yet, i dont know whether i should get a good one and hope it works or get a 4/6 gb one and see how it goes. Does anyone know what kind i should get as i know nothing about technology or conputers.

  55. loukas says:

    Best think to do with this camera?????Just throw it away..Of course it doesnt work.A cheap chinese creation which will break your nerves.Good enaught to waist your time and money.Just forget it….

  56. Harry says:

    My MD 80 works fine…. but when i try to record it only records for max 40s then turns off… Help!

  57. yon_sem says:

    how to set up to record along time for 2gb by MD80? tancks

  58. Fred Smith says:

    Just received my Chinese MD 80 camera. As expected an absolute piece on junk. Really just about all comments on this site pretty well applied to mine . Paid $10 Cdn so I don’t mind going from box to garbage, that simple. Paid $60 for my first camera, also Chinese junk and also in garbage. I live in a small town so, needless to say, I have to order everything, a lot through E-Bay. These Chinese vendors hide behind English names like City-Green and Joes Hobby so we never really know what or whom we are dealing with. E-Bay needs to do a better job of filtering out the cheaters who are selling this junk and ultimately screwing us! Has anyone tried using E-Bay’s protection plan? They put you through the ringer trying to get your ” stolen money ” back from the fraudsters they allow to sell on E-Bay!! Oh, this is a darn good site by the way! Congrats to all!

  59. Olalekan says:

    Please can you send the driver of this mini dv md80 camera as i bought one and i discover that it has no CD.
    I would appreciate if you can send a soft copy of the camera’s driver to my email at

    Thanks and best regards

  60. jerry says:


    I am using a mac & cannot see the dv80 on my screen.

    The power on button is working, but power off not. I use the reset button to off. When the Dv80 is on I see the blue light & the red light on steady. No blinking. Tried pressing the mode button. No use.

    Any help. Cannot record.


  61. Rebello Brian says:

    As I can see no one has my problem with the mini Dv 80 cam which is mean that my cam is not even recognize by the pc when conected for charging and the both lights are on no fleshing and no other moving happend even if I push any button.So I thinking maybe the accumulator is broken i may try to change it but before maybe someone have this problem before please replay if not I will when I will find out whats wrong ,it was working perfectly until few weeks ago.

  62. Rebello Brian says:

    Ok guys I think I fix the problem ,so if you have the same issue its very simple just make a RESET to the cam and is working now is charging perfect.Good luck

  63. Christina says:

    I just bought this camera. I power it on and the blue/red light comes on for a second but then they both go off. I don’t know if its recording. I’ve tested it several times and the memory card was empty. So, power on, blue/red light flashes for a second, press record and then nothing… can you help? I tried to use your instructions but nothing happens when I press the record/stop button. No flashing red light or blue lights at any time.

  64. Paul Mitchell says:

    There seems to be a lot of time/energy spent dealing-with (obtain/load) drivers to connect MD80 to a computer. Considering how simple it is to just use a card reader, I’m wondering if there’s any “added value”…?

    I pop-up the SD card, insert into card reader, attach to USB host cable, plug it in Samsung Galaxy Note 2, watch/delete videos as desired on USBdriveA. I presume it would be even easier on a laptop or PC… so I don’t get it… drivers?

    With regards to setting the date, I noticed (after MD80 updated) that the root text file had not been deleted… or so I thought: viewing the file, it was (again) an original (2012 date) file created by MD80 (as before I edited to current date/time). Concerned it might “backdate”, I renamed the file *.bak–but it just occurred to me the MD80 may (again) recreate 2012 date file during subsequent power cycles… ‘hope it’s “smart enough” to ignore file dates earlier than currently set… TBD.

    Unexpectedly, video files indicate a length 30-seconds longer than actual (last 30-seconds is still frame… perhaps an anomaly connected to Android/?)… anyone else?

    Although I seem to be late to the (MD80) party, ‘still think I’m gonna have lots of fun!


    • GJ says:

      The Windows drivers are only for the webcam function. Absolutely not needed for the storage function. Attach the camera to a Windows PC, it will pop-up as an storage device. Then press any button of the camera, and you will unserstand the function of the drivers.

  65. jay estela says:

    i have problem with my divi cam. when i start the video its shutdown around 20 second more or less… plesase help dear friends

  66. jay estela says:

    when i started recording
    video sir.. i have no idea how to fix it

  67. Guto says:

    Hi guys,
    my friend bought the MD80 camera, but his camera makes many files while recording each file support 20 or 30 minutes, you guys know why? He wants to make only 1 file with longer video.

  68. Keith says:

    There are two lights on the mains plug – one red, one green. When the battery is fully charged, the green light goes out. I don’t connect the MD 80 to a computer with the supplied cable, I put the SD card into an adaptor and plug that in to the computer’s USB socket. This works with Vista Home Premium, Windows 7 and Windows 8,
    opening it with Windows Media Player.

  69. hoova says:

    anyone having problems with time/date do not change the default TAG.TXT file for the camera to work correctly create a NEW file and everything should be OK.

  70. martin alejo says:

    hi i would like if you send me a website that I can download the setup of this camera

    you can give me the site on my e mail?? thanks

  71. donpero says:


    I brought a Mini Camera at the shop of Mininthe Box, but although I applied for all the instructions, I cannot read the files AVI that I recorded, Only the voice, but no video. Video exist, but showing a light blue windows, but cannoty see anything except few lines moving in the bottom of the videos.

    Kindly appreciate somebody in helping me to solve this problem.

  72. donpero says:

    Hi –
    Please is there somebody who can solve the problem that when I open the files on the computer through the usb cable, I notice that the file are saved but when I try to see the video there is nothing recorded, only the voice, but no movies.
    Thank You a lot for helping me – email:

  73. Laurence says:

    To fix the date/time problem on my version (which displayed 2008/01/01 by default) I created a file called TIME.txt containing the following single line:

    2014.05.31 18:32:00

    Using a card reader, I copied this file to the microSD card’s root directory, changed the file’s properties to read-only and not archived, ejected the card from the PC, plugged it into the camera, turned it on, held down the reset button for 10 seconds, turned it on again, recorded a short video, turned it off, plugged the card into the PC again and checked it. Afterwards TIME.txt was gone and the correct date/time is displayed on videos and the file’s timestamps.

    Most important bits were the precise format of the line in TIME.txt (e.g. type 05 instead of just 5, dots in dates, space before time, etc.) and then the ‘on, reset, on, record’ procedure.

    TIME.txt didn’t exist before I created it, all that was on the card after first turning the camera on was a ‘SYSTEM’ folder, which contained profile.dat and an empty ‘RECIDX’ folder (I don’t know what these do). Making a TAG.txt didn’t do anything for me. I think there are loads of versions, each with a particular way of recognising the date file’s name and then reading it’s contents; so if you get stuck, just try all of the methods above, then a bit of trial and error and you’ll get there eventually.

    Now my camera will probably go back in a cupboard and be forgotten about for another few years 🙂

  74. Ronald Thomas says:

    I just got one in the mail I haven’t tried it yet because I’m waiting for a 32GB card I ordered. Anyway mine came with an address to download instructions for the md80 hope this helps. Actually came from the company I bought from.

  75. sandra says:

    hi, I just bought mini md80 camera, for 2 days I have been trying to get it to record using voice, the camera records ok, but when put it on mode can get no sound at all!!!driving me crazy, I want to play with my toy, anyone help please???

  76. sandra says:

    no volume on my new mini md80 camera!!!!!!!

  77. Dasto says:

    I can’t fix timestamp on my MD80. I think my problem might be unique. I have tried all possible fixes but I think it may be the file on the device that might be causing the issue. Every time I replace the TAG file the MD80 replaces it with its own but when I “right-click properties -> Details -> Date created” the file states that it was created 05/01/2073. Does anyone else have this issue. I think the new TAG file I created will not overwrite the TAG on MD80 as the creation date will be newer on the device(newer version wins!). Could someone please confirm this or please advise?

  78. Jonathan says:

    If the memory card is full and I continue recording does it automatically erase the oldest video or do I have to erase the memory card everytime it is full before I can continue recording. I was thinking I might use it as a tiny CCTV style camera in my office but for this I need it to record in a loop. I can’t erase video files every time the card is full.

  79. Dan says:

    I seem to have a problem with this camera and could not find a fix for it….
    I have a 2Gb micro SD card and it’s never full, only about 1.2 of space used. it records only 5 videos of 9-10 minutes max, and then it deletes the first recording and starts again, with continuing number sequence (rec 08. 09, 10,…).
    How can I make sure that the it records 1 video full length occupying the whole space (provided that I get a bigger card – 8-23 Gb)?

    • sunny says:

      I have the same problem i am using 32gb card but when around 7gb is used it starts overwriting the first videos.

  80. Sammy Cheng says:

    I cannot open and play the video. Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. What I did wrong

  81. Pushkar Rao says:

    will i be able to use the camera while its getting charged???

  82. Kevin says:

    I owned my camera for a couple of years now, but after the first week my clip broke so I have not been able to use it since for my application. I usually clipped it onto a pocket but now I can’t. Been looking for a new clip for about 2 years but can’t find anyone who sells them separately. Any suggestions?

  83. George says:

    The camera is ok but the big problem is the sound activation and I am surprised that only two users have identified it. The sound sensitivity is very bad and it will only activate the recording when you shout very loudly. Under normal conversation the camera does not activate, so this function is useless unless there is a way to change the sound sensitivity. Does anybody know if this can be done? Thanks

  84. Dalan says:

    With the original TAG.TXT instructions for reference, it took 13 trys before I figured out the format for my MD80 clone.

    Mine needed a file named TIME.TXT in the root directory, formatted


    with just a space between the date and time. No space at the end of the line, no newline (carriage return), nada. HTH

  85. Kenny says:

    When charging the camera works fine but when not charging it works for a few second and went offline ,,,can anyone advise.Thanks

  86. R.J. SMITH says:

    How do i pair the camera to my android galaxy s5 sport

  87. Alvaro says:

    Does anyone know if i can view the sd card straight from camera to my smartphones through inserting sd card in sd slot found on my phone .i have no computer to actually view through that

  88. pop says:

    Please can you send the driver of this mini dv md80 camera as i bought one and i discover that it has no CD.
    I would appreciate if you can send a soft copy of the camera’s driver to my email at
    *email removed to protect you from spam*

  89. Melissa says:

    Just want to know this mini md80 camera, how long (max) can it record?

  90. mike says:

    I just got one and when I try to charge it, the red light is solid but the blue light blinks. I have not been able to get it to turn on at all. I have tried 3 different sd cards in it and it still won’t come on at all.

  91. frank says:

    Hello ‘Admin’,
    downloaded the instructions thanks. I have already ordered a cam & the seller states max card 32GB, so I ordered that as well. However, I note that the download says max card 16GB. Any idea which is correct ? Cheers.

  92. Greg says:

    I have a question. Is there a driver to run the md80 camera on Android? I tried to find it in internet but my attemps failed. Is someone able to help me?

  93. DeeAnn Morris says:

    What app can i use to view the videos

  94. Mr Abate says:

    Recording Time issue
    I’m using a 2GB SD card. It records the first video with 20min. Afterwards many short videos of approximately 1min 30.
    Is that it is standard function or I’m experiencing an issue? If so, any idea to correct it?

  95. paces says:

    New issue,
    turn on – correctly (blue start lit, just 1 flash mean its boot already

    make video – corectly( sblue is lit, and red startr blink constantli mean i recording)

    then i stop video- blue and red start flash both together when i press record button(could mean i saving files mate)

    and here it comes:
    I try to turn this off. pressing power button, but red and blue start flashing again and nothing is turning off.

    so i press restart to turn it off.

    how is your cards formatted?
    do you have same issue?

  96. Robbie says:

    Thought it wodlun’t to give it a shot. I was right.

  97. Neil Purling says:

    I have had several of these and it is a complete lottery if you get one with infinity focus set properly.
    The firmware is like a bad #9 keychain camera.
    The video has crushed blacks & clipped whites, but the AVI files were un-corrupted.
    I wish I knew how to compensate & restore detail at both ends the tonal range.
    Now, I don’t know about post 2014 examples, so I have ordered one out of curiosity.
    I have a ‘genuine’ MD80/Muvi in a red painted alloy case.
    There’s no time-stamp & the files are all the same date and time,
    The video is the proper 640×480 format, without the tonal scale problems of the clones.
    The oldest clone MD80’s used to have the firmware that was like the #3 keychain, at least the time-stamp was the same. The tones of the video were normal.

  98. Neil Purling says:

    I don’t know if anyone has figured out what factory the MD80’s are made in.
    Like before they seem to have the worst firmware available.
    I compare it to the #25 keychain camera.
    Another real flaw the MD80 clone has is that they do not have a wide-angle lens, making it rather hard to aim the thing properly. In that respect the Veho Muvi/AEE MD80 is better.

  99. Property Monitor says:

    Some computers require that the MD80 Min DV be powered off when connecting to a PC. If you are getting an error saying that Windows does not recognize the device, try powering the Mini DV then plug it in. Go to your file explorer and look for the camera listed as “Removable Storage”.
    Hope that helps some of you.

  100. pym says:

    just got it . worked earlier but now when i plug in it says “usb not recognized by win 10”
    in device mgr universal usb there is no yellow triangle

  101. Gerence Aban says:

    The video file format for this type of camera is .avi.. I have my first recording with a file name of sup0001.avi (i think its default name?) with about 32.5mb size. I tried to play it on my led tv but after loading, it blinks then goes back to the root file which is weird since my tv plays .avi file movies. Please help. Do I need to convert the file before playing it on my TV?

    FYI. I didn’t try playing it on a computer since I don’t have one. But I will try it when I rent one today after work.

  102. jason says:

    My camera only seems to record when connected to my pc. I have no idea if/how it records when it is on battery power. PLease help

    • dario says:

      the battery may be dead and isn’t charging, or you won’t let it charge. leave the device charging for a few hours and try to power it on.

  103. Matthias says:

    just received mine and when wanting to try it out it turns on, the blue light is steady and the red light is flickering very fast and after 3 seconds it auto turns off

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