Getting the MD80 camera to work on a Mac

If you’re an Apple user, you may be interested to read some comments I received from Chas Griffiths:

I made various enquiries regarding the MD80 viz: could it be used on a Mac. The answer was a definite NO! Truth is, I bought one, and I suppose like many, couldn’t get it to work, even on my old PC.

However, perseverance won the day – on My Mac! I copied the driver from my PC onto a USB stick and transferred it onto the Mac, downloaded a freebie app’ called Izip from the App Store, clicked on it, and it immediately opened the file. Having shot a 30-second video from the MD80, it opened straight into IMovies.

Verdict: They either lied or didn’t have a clue!! This info might be of some use to those thinking about it.