MD80 uses

I admit I bought my MD80 camera as I was so surprised at how cheap it was. The idea was to buy it first then it would find its own use!

The primary use I’ve seen for cameras this size is for Point-Of-View filming of sports activities. It’s common to see these attached to bike handlebars or helmets as they are small enough to not get in the way, and with the price of the MD80, cheap enough that you won’t be too bothered if it gets damaged or lost. The multitude of mounting options the camera comes with also lends itself to numerous different applications.

Mounting on your bike isn’t just for those who travel down mountains at frightening speeds; I know someone who routinely cycles in traffic and has his camera record each trip he takes in case he witnesses (or becomes involved in) an accident.

I also seem to get quite a lot of traffic from people who intend to mount this mini camcorder on radio-controlled aircraft, or model rockets. There are numerous videos on youtube that people have done so and I can see why! It wasn’t just the usual pyrotechnic rockets that people mounted them on, as the one that surprised me the most was that people were building hi-tech water rockets and installing the cameras in there. See the Useful links page for further info.

Spy cams, in-car, rockets, etc.

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  1. Andrew

    Can you please tell me why it won’t record the whole time I have it set to? I have it on my helmet and the video says its 15:30mins but it stops playing after 5:00mins I don’t understand


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