Useful links

Lots of technical information about these cameras in Car Key and other formats at

A water rocket page here (shows a modification to improve visibility of the LEDs).

Thread on

Thread on the Water Rocket Forum where some technically-minded people have managed to modify the MD80 firmware to remove the date stamp.

Philippe Luc’s personal website has a tear down (pictures of the internal hardware) and his method of removing the datestamp.

MD80 camcorder instructions for removal of time stamp on Kevin Campbell’s Blog

Working MD80 date stamp removal instructions that do not require hardware modifications.

8 Responses to Useful links

  1. R Wright says:

    Can someone let me how to delete the video files on my micro SD card that were taken on the MD80?

  2. Anthony Varela says:

    Can I put a longer lasting battery in my MD80?

  3. Pushkar Rao says:

    will i be able to use the camera while its getting charged???

    • Muhammad Farooqi says:

      Yes.. it works great while charging, as I said in previous comment’s reply, using an external portable battery to extend battery time; works the same as using camera while charging. 🙂

  4. Rajneesh says:

    I am not able to reset ms81s .. When removing from charging both blue and red light appears and when I press the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds only blue light appears steady… Not able to search for Dd wifi… Plz help

  5. Rajneesh says:

    Sorry I mean md81

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